Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 days until Christmas

So not only is Christmas coming up on us all super fast, but in exactly one week from today, Aaron and I will have been married for a whole year!!  Can I just say how much I love being married to him?  He is absolutely amazing.  Guess what else happens way soon?  In 88 days Corbin will be here!!! (hopefully, if he comes on his due date) That’s only 3 months which is only 12 weeks to go!!  We’re totally so excited!

28 weeks

28 weeks

At 28 weeks I haven’t thrown up in about a month now, and it’s about the most wonderful thing in the entire world.  Food is just wonderful.  I am actually eating more healthy foods now that I used to not like.  Obviously Corbin is teaching me the right kinds of foods he needs now.  Good thing too!  He is an active little dude that’s all I got to say.  He likes to be shy though.  He’ll be moving around like crazy and then when I tell someone to look; he stops.  I mean, come on, seriously bud?  Gotta love it!  I love feeling him move.  It’s definitely been my favorite part about pregnancy.  When he is moving around it makes it all seem more real.  It’s like he’s telling us, “Mom, dad…I’m here…I’m really here…don’t forget about me!”  Not like my huge tummy doesn’t tell me there is something in there or anything. And I must say I’m pretty lucky because I’ve only had three people touch my tummy and they’re not random strangers.  I’m so happy we’re having a boy first.  He will be the big brother eventually and love his little siblings to death, and of course there will be the occasional not so loving moments towards his siblings as well, I’m sure.  The baby shower is next month too!  It should be lots of fun.  Bring on the sleepless nights and the overwhelming feeling of being so so blessed!!

I tried on my temple dress last night to see if it still fit.  IT DOES!  I was so relieved because I wanted to go this weekend and so now I know that we can!  Some more exciting news is that Aaron’s last college final is tomorrow and then he is done until spring semester!!  Oh how I love this time of year.


  1. I'm glad you're so happy!! That little boy is so lucky. Don't worry the last 2 months or so my temple dress doesn't fit, but you can rent!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. heard about corbin coming early [through nikkis blog]. hope you all are doing well. we'll keep you in our prayers!