Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So…I thought of the best idea ever today when my husband came home on his break.  My back was killing me.  Working with infants all day will do that to ya I guess.  Anyways, I set two table chairs next to each other, with space in between so my belly wouldn’t be flat on the ground, so my top half and lower half of my body were the only parts of me laying on the chairs.  Then I had Aaron pop my back!!  Brilliant!!  Oh my gosh it felt so good!  So much relief, and I was one happy camper!

So Saturday Aaron and his twin and their friend were playing basketball like they do every saturday.  Except this Saturday was different.  Aaron sprained his finger and sprained his ankle.  He couldn’t put any pressure whatsoever on his foot all day.  So Sunday we went to Grandma Jeppson’s and borrowed a sports brace and some crutches.  His leg was pretty swollen and everyone, ok I take that back, his mom, grandma, aunt, sister, ME, (all the women in his life) were telling him he should go to the doctors to see what he really did just to make sure it wasn’t worse than a sprain.  He kept telling all of us that he knew what was wrong and that he was doing everything to heal it himself.  So Monday….he went to the doctors.  ha ha.  The doctor took an x-ray and asked why he came in because he was already doing all he could do to heal his sprained ankle.  ha ha.  So Aaron said, “To please all the women in my life.” ha ha.  It was funny.  I’m sorry but when I hear his aunt tell him that his leg looks a funny color and that it could be a blood clot- I panic as would any wife.  I’m glad he’s already healing and walking again without crutches.  He still has to elevate his leg often and try not to put too much stress on it obviously, but he’s walking on his own.  So that is good and fine with me!  I hated seeing him in pain.  Especially because he doesn’t like to be taken care of.  But no worries, I do anyways!

I got two free movie tickets from my work, they’re good for any movie at any westates theater.  Even though I’d rather go to the theatre in Hurricane, but free is good!  So Aaron and I are going to go see Harry Potter on Friday!  We haven’t gone to a movie forever.  They just don’t show good movies anymore ya know?  I can’t wait for the next Twilight to come out!  Anyways, we’re both pretty excited to go see it.  I wish they didn’t split the movie into two parts.  Actually I don’t mind, but I wish they would have made the next one come out a little sooner and not made everyone wait so long.  All I know is there are going to be a lot of people I know who have been dedicated to Harry Potter since it was first published in 1998 who are going to be really sad when it’s all over.  So enjoy it while it lasts people!  I remember the first time I saw a Harry Potter movie was only part of it at my young women’s leader’s house (at the time) and her and my friend Lizzie were all into it, and I just wasn’t.  Now I like it.  I haven’t read the last book, and I’m not way dedicated, but I do like Harry Potter I’ll admit. 

Today is our 11 month anniversary by the way!! :


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  1. the seventh book is amazing. you seriously should read it. i have read it four times. ha ha yeah im a huge hp nerd. anyways! just wanted to tell you that :)

  2. Just be prepared for how dark and scary the movie is! I went two nights ago with my mom, dad and brothers. It was SCARY!!!!! Especially since I really don't like snakes, and Nagini freaks me out! I won't let Kaylee go see it. Not because it's too scary for her, but because of how Dark it is. That said, I really loved it and think this is by far the best show yet!