Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hair & Christmas

So I got my hair done last Saturday.  I wanted blonde highlights, and well, my whole hair went a little too blonde. 


I liked having different colors in my hair rather than just one color, but the color itself was all a little too much.  Up close my hair almost looked grey, and it made me look way older than I am.  So I decided to go back to brunette.  Let me tell you- I was meant to be a brunette.  I have never been so happy to have my hair dark again!  So we highlighted it all on Saturday and then on Sunday we made me back into my own little brunette self!  It was one busy crazy weekend!

Christmas is so in the air!  The weather outside is that winter chilly cold, the heater is going, warm soups are being made, the house smells like pumpkin spice candles, and every wife is begging their husbands to let them decorate for Christmas!  So today Aaron bought us a Christmas Tree, and tonight I decorated it and our little table in our entryway.  I still have some more decorating to do but here’s our Christmas tree and such.  Photographs don’t do Christmas tree's any justice at all because you can’t see barely any of the lights.  It’s really really pretty if you’re actually in our house.  I just love Christmas time!  I also made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  They are so tasty.


Happy Holidays everyone!

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