Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Best Medicine for Long days

Nothihalf_baked_froyong beats a long 10 1/2 hour shift at work than a container of Ben and Jerry’s Fro Yo Half Baked Ice Cream.  This is by far the best ice cream ever invented.  Ever!  Even better I bought a container of it at Walmart for only $2.50!!  What a steal for Ben and Jerry’s ya know?  I’m not one of those girls who crave chocolate either.  You know how some ladies will crave anything chocolate say, at that time of the month, or when they’re stressed, or whatever…not me.  I do love me some chocolate, but I’m not overly obsessed.  However…this ice-cream, my friend, I’d go for any day. 

So my day at work consisted of warming bottles, feeding bottles and changing poopy diapers, literally, every hour.  We had seven babies today and we have to change all of them every two hours by state law.  Well, ha ha, we were changing them every hour and only about three of the probably 50 diapers we changed today weren’t poopy.  Not to mention two of them were major blow-outs.  One of which happened 5 min before I was supposed to be off and it took me about 20min to clean up it was that bad.  Green goop was all over the carpet.  Oh it was just a fabulous day!  All in all the babies were extremely happy for the most part all day today which helped a lot.  Tomorrow I work another 10 hour shift…and Thursday I work an 8 hour shift…I am so thankful I have Friday off!!  This week is a crazy one.  Corbin has been kicking like crazy.  I don’t think he likes all these babies sitting and cuddling on my belly because it squashes him sometimes.  ha ha.  When he kicks while there is a baby on my lap they kind of freak out a little, like, “what in the world was that?”  It’s kind of funny. 

I think it’s a combination of working at a daycare and simply just being pregnant, as to why my back hurts sooo bad.  I can’t pop it..I can’t twist far enough to get my lower back to pop.  It really kind of bites.  I also agree with another friend of mine who says that doing the dishes by hand (which we do) while pregnant, really kills your back too.  Anybody have any suggestions on how to pop or relieve some of this tension in my back?  Other than back rubs because those don’t seem to do much good either. 

I’ve decided that I really admire my friend Sammy Iverson, because she has got some major skill in using coupons and saving money.  I could learn a lot from this girl.  When you’re married and expecting, saving money on groceries would be just fabulous. 

And again I must mention the Ensign.  I love reading this issue of the Ensign and highlighting it like no other.  I’ve been consistent in reading at least one article a day, and I have already seen a difference in everything about myself.  I love learning more and relearning what the Prophets have told us.  Plus, reading the Ensign is very relaxing and puts my thoughts at a steady pace instead of racing in every which direction on a million different things. 

We’re at 23 weeks people!!  Over half way there!!  Bring on the sleepless nights and lots of good memories!!


  1. This is how I pop my back.
    -Lay on your back with your knees to your chest (I don't know how far you can bring your knees in cuz of your cute prego belly but it still might work)
    -Then put your arms straight out to the sides.
    - Kind-of lift your knees up and over to one side then look at the opposite shoulder. (Knees to the right, head looks left) Take a couple of deep breaths and really stretch your spine
    -Bring your legs and head back to the center and repeat on the other side. (My back usually doesn't pop until I do it to the other side)

    Hope this helps!!

  2. thanks hun! i'm sorry your back hurts! :( but hey anytime ya want me to show you the lil bit i know, i'll show ya! it is nice to save a dime or two here and there! i'm always wishin ya the best with your pregnancy:) keep goin strong you're gonna be an awesome mom!

  3. Hey. :) so...I have a really tight lower back too! I tried going to the chiropractor but even HE couldn't pop it. Anyway, nowadays I am taking really warm baths at night (I have one of those small, normal-sized bathtubs) but it works! My belly kinda...floats? in the water so it takes pressure off my back, I also try resting up on my elbows in the water and it frees up your back, it's nice. :) Add some vanilla bubble bath and it's like a dream. :) I also do pregnancy yoga which is the BOMB. I've heard that the heating pads work too...ha ha good luck with trying to find something that works!!