Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heaven Dust

So many of us, I’ll be the first to admit that I am one of them, don’t get up and bear our testimony on fast Sunday because we feel our testimony is not “good enough.”  Or maybe we simply just get nervous talking in front of people.  I am here to say “Everyone has a testimony.  A good one.  One that was given to us individually by our Heavenly Father.  Not one testimony is the same.  Even though we all believe the same things…all of our testimonies are unique and need to be shared and heard.”  A lot of us worry we wont say the right things in the right way.  Well there is not a right way or a right thing to say.  Heavenly Father wants us to share our testimonies, and when we get the opportunity to do so we need to do it and trust that our Heavenly Father will help us say what is in our hearts in the way He would want us to share. 

The Lord’s work needs to continue on.  Those who have a testimony need to share it as often as possible.  We can’t be bench sitters any longer.  We are in the last days and more and more people are struggling and falling away.  It is up to those that are steadfast and immovable in the Lord’s ways to be His instruments in leading all we can back to Him.  Stand strong in hard times and use your struggles and overcoming's to help help others. 


  1. How funny. Because when I think of you, I ALWAYS am amazed by your testimony. It is so strong and pure - more than almost any other person I have ever met in my life. You RADIATE testimony, if that makes sense. So I hope you share it that first Sunday of the month. I always do, but I definitely think you are an example for me to look up to. I would like to be as strong as you are and to see everything through spiritual eyes the way you do. Thank you for setting that example.

    Love you, Hai! And miss you WAY too much!!!

  2. i needed that- for real. so thanks.