Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cravings and Common Sense

As I journey through this pregnancy I’ve notvlasic-kosher-dill-pickles-1245-piced a few odd cravings here and there.  First it was dill pickles.  For reals though.  I literally went through a jar a week.  After about a month of them I can’t really stand them now.  I remember talking to one of my sister-in-laws and she said that she craved pickles during one of her pregnancies too.  Maybe it’s a common thing for pregnant women? 

american-charms-blow-pops-bag-294g-bag-4179-p[ekm]366x275[ekm]Next on the list were good ol’ fashioned blow pops.  Really random, I know.  Anytime Aaron would look my way I’d have a lollipop in my mouth!   

Now I seem to really enjoy red apples and barbeque chips.  I also love a nice refreshing glass of orange juice in the mornings.  I don’t necessarily crave orange juice, but it is something I would like to have instead of water when I wake up.  red-apple

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And how could I forget my ice-cream story?  I made my way over to McDonalds after work one day, because I really wanted a chocolate swirl ice-cream cone.  The drive through line was way long so I decided to go inside.  When I got to the counter I politely asked for a chocolate swirl cone, and the guy said, “We don’t havesJPl chocolate icecream.”  (What kind of McDonalds doesn’t have chocolate ice-cream?)  And I mean this wasn’t a one time thing.  I remember going there a couple months ago, and they didn’t have any then either.  Anyways, I told the guy that I didn’t want anything then, and I walked back out to my car.  As I was walking to my car I started to get all choked up like I was about to cry.  Really?  Over ice-cream I’m really going to cry?  I never did end up crying because I started laughing at myself for this very reason.  Pregnancy hormones are a joke people.  Like really, do we really need to be put through all this change?  It was really a funny experience.  So I never did get my ice-cream cone, but I promise you this, this weekend I will go wherever I have to to get one!

Now onto my next thought.  So parents bring their kids to the Child Development Center for what reason?  Well because they have to go to work and need somewhere that will take good care of their precious children while their away.  As I applied at many different daycares in Saint George I was appalled at how gross majority of them were.  Our Child Development Center at the Hospital is by far the best place to leave your kids at in Southern Utah.  Anyways, We really can’t stick to the parents schedule they have for their children at home, at the center.  When the other kids go down for naps-all the kids go down for naps.  I’ve had parents get kind of frustrated because either their child is taking too many naps or sleeping for too long or even both.  I’m sorry but we have a schedule to stick to and about, well, a lot of children to accommodate to.  The parents complain that when they sleep too much at the center their kids don’t sleep good at night.  We only put the kids down once during the day for the 18 month-2 1/2 year olds,  and twice for the infants-17month olds. (Sometimes more for the infants if they fall asleep.)  Other than the infants the kids usually sleep for an hour and a half to two hours each nap.  I’m sorry but if your child is not sleeping at night it’s not because they are getting too many naps.  All the other kids in the Center sleep at night according to their parents…so yeah….it’s just kind of frustrating. 


I really do love my job, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the parents.  I love going to work.  I have always wanted a job where I am excited to go each day.  I’ve only found that when I have worked in a daycare, well in this case, a Child Development Center.  Pretty much the same thing except better quality, we teach the kids developmentally, and it’s a center for only those parents who work at the hospital.  Plus, it’s a great job to have as I wait to have my own little one because I can just hold and play with other peoples little ones all day!!

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