Wednesday, September 8, 2010

late nights.

So this is what happens when I have a normal shift job and my husband has an awkward semi-graveyard shift. You get a tired but "wanna stay awake and go to bed with husband" wife. Who all in all gets bored and puts off doing household chores to browse very cute but pricey diaper bags. ha ha. (I did however, clean the kitchen and freeze peaches. So I think that should count for something.) Here are the four I really like so far. I want to know ya'lls opinions and favorite.

See! They're all so cute! I can't decide. Our next appointment is in 8 days! Which means I'll see my momma in only one short week! Which means next week I'll officially be in my 2nd Trimester! Morning sickness seems to be wearing down a bit. I don't feel all that nauseas anymore except in the mornings now.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this handsome guy!? He is soo amazing! I was just thinking about how most of us have those high school crushes/relationships/heartbreaks etc. We may date someone for a long time and really not see ourselves with anyone else. I think us girls probably did that moreso than the guys. But anyways, my point- our parents always told us, "I know it's hard now, I wish you didn't have to hurt. But one day you will find someone you love even more. You'll find someone you actuallly truly love." And our thought process was thinking our parents were not understanding our feelings; they weren't understanding how we really really saw this person as our whole lives. We were crushed. Our world was ending. HA! (Unless your like my friend Samantha Beardall and actually do marry your high school sweetheart. <3 which one day I may dedicate a post to this beautiful couple because I just love their story. ha ha) Anyways, one day, what our parents told us when we went through heartbreaks-it comes true. You find that one person who will NEVER break your heart, who will love you NO MATTER WHAT, who is TRULY your other half. One day you look back and thank your mom or dad for standing by you and teaching you what you truly want to look for in an eternal companion. I truly did find the ultimate treasure when Aaron came into my life. I may not have seen it at first, but as ya'll can see I only cherish this treasure more and more each day. <3


  1. :) Totally understand. And I'm so happy for you!

    P.S. I think I like the first one or the plain brown one best.

  2. All the bags are cute! I think you should pick out some really cute fabric and make one yourself. That way you can make exactly what you want!:) Do you know what you are having yet?