Monday, August 23, 2010

memory of pregnancy(or lack of!)

I always think of good things to write about early on in the day and tell myself that I will write about them on my blog later. Then when later comes I have either forgotten what I wanted to write about-or I just don't find what I thought was interesting that interesting anymore. So I've decided I better post something or else I'll end up never posting again..ha ha.

First let me talk about how freaking excited I am for my BEAUTIFUL friend Sammy Grace to be getting married!! Ahhh! I remember sitting with her on the floor of the theatre two long years ago talking about how fast two years are going to fly by (of course we only said that so she wouldn't feel soo sad but really it's been forever ago since that day.) Her and Colton are one of the most endearing couples I have ever seen. They were totally meant for each other. Sammy has such a above her age knowledge and wisdom of the Gospel, and she is going to make such an incredible wife. I know she says she has flaws (which we all do) and I know that Colton will just compliment those and just make her an even greater person. (Even though I don't know of any flaws this girl has...I just say this incase she reads this and gets upset at me complimenting her so much. ha ha) Sammy I love you girly soo much and life is about to change for you so much in such an amazing way!!

On another note- Pregnancy, oh pregnancy, I can not WAIT to get out of this stage of pregnancy. I hate feeling icky 24/7. Like really, okay I know most people don't like feeling sick, but I really really don't like it. I feel weak and lazy and totally way dependent on Aaron ha ha. Except I must say breakfast in bed is pretty nice! (even though he did that almost everyday even before I was pregnant. ha ha.) I can't wait for the morning I can just jump out of bed-instead of having to eat something and take my 'nausea' pill before even sitting up. I also can't wait to be able to make Aaron breakfast! I'm getting a little bit of a belly. Aaron's mom still doesn't see it but I promise it's there! Oh my goodness, speaking of Aaron's mom!! She is an angel!! She brought to my home....DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP ICECREAM!! Oh my gosh it was soooo-o needed and soooo-o good! She is also an angel just because she is! I love going to visit her-she really is something else. Sorry tangent. One more thing on the subject of baby hunter. My mom got a cradle for us and guess how vintage it is? Dated back from the 18th CENTURY!!! Oh my gosh I am sooo excited to get it! I'll for sure post some pictures when I do get it.

I think I'm going to end today on a spiritual note. The scriptures are powerful. The scriptures can literally give you so much strength. We need to read our scriptures and have daily prayer to be our best selves-for real. Like, it's not possible to be our best selves if we're not doing those two things. Know what else adds even more extraordinary to ourselves? Going to the temple. I got such a beautiful photograph taken by my very talented friend Melissa Bryner of the Saint George temple as a wedding gift. This picture sits on my dresser, which I see right when I get up every morning. Eternity-what a blessing. Heavenly Father loves us so much, and I know we put a smile on His face when we are being our BEST selves.


  1. you're a sweetheart. that's all i have to say. bottomline: haili is a sweetheart.and awesome. and she lifts peoples spirits. thanks girl:)

  2. I agree Sammy. She is a sweetheart! I also agree Haili that you have an amazing Mother-in-law. I may be a little partial though. :) I hope you feel better soon too. It's rough and it feels like it takes forever to get through. Fortunately though it's all worth it in the end. You're in our prayers. Love you!