Friday, July 2, 2010

Thankful Friday

I was reading my friends blog and noticed something she did every Friday. She listed a bunch of things she was thankful for. I really like this idea and thought I'd give it a shot.

I'm thankful for:

1. old friends who still trust me after going our seperate ways in life (due to being at different stages in life.) Being able to talk to each other and help each other through tough times & being able to hang out as if nothing has changed.
2. photographs of fun times
3. in-laws
4. Kirsten Hunter; this girl is AMAZING!! I feel so lucky to have her as a sister in law. She has taught me a lot by her example. For instance: how fun it is to be crafty, being a good cook for your husband, stamina and strength. I love this girl so much!! She is going to be such an amazing mom!
5. My husband!! He is always making me want to be a better person. His faith and relationship with his Father in Heaven amazes me every day. He is so patient and loving. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!
6. Those little moments where I realize just how luckky I am to be me.
7. snuggle time :).... with my husband of course!
8. Hanging out with my cousins
9. RAIN! (which I haven't seen in many many MANY weeks!!)
10. road trips to Salt Lake
11. GOOD music
12. Funny shows
13. LOVE
14. good books

There are so many things to be thankful for and if we think about those things were thankful for--it makes it easier to make it through those rough times. :)

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