Tuesday, July 27, 2010

morning sickness.

I think that they should call it something else like...."feel like your gonna throw up all day and all night but never really do." 'morning' sickness does not do this nausea any justice at all. bleh!!


  1. I know right? The only good thing is that usually being sick means baby is happy and healthy. Being sick is pure awful though!

  2. I'm SO behind on this, Hai! But I am SO excited for you and Aaron! You are going to be such an amazing mother and I love knowing how excited Aaron is to be a daddy. :) You two will be wonderful and your sweet baby will be beautiful in every way. Keep updating - I wish I could get updates in person, but this will have to do!

    LOVE YOU Hai! Miss you like crazy.

  3. Haili & Aaron Your making me a grandpa . But your still my little girl . And Now you"ll have one too .