Tuesday, July 6, 2010

missionary work!!!

So Monday Aaron and I went and played at the Lake. On the way home I wanted to stop somewhere. In order to go to that place we had to take the back road to Saint George instead of getting on the freeway. So we were sitting in the middle lane. We were behind I'd say four other vehicles waiting for our light to go green. When it did the car in front of us didn't even move. However, two cars in front of it merged out of the middle lane into oncoming traffic and turned left. So on the next light we did the same. Come to find out there was a old beater truck that had broken down...AND NO ONE GOT OUT TO HELP!! Not even the people that were RIGHT behind the truck. So Aaron and I made our turn and parked in a nearby neighborhood. We ran back out to the freeway intersection and helped the people push their truck onto the side of the back road to saint george. They got their truck started back up thankfully. I can't believe people these days! They get upset and angry that a truck is not going on a green light instead of getting out and helping them! I just can't believe it. Anyways, it felt really good to help them. Especially because it was kind of secretive of us. They never saw our faces because by the time we got to them they had already started pushing. We just helped hurry the process for them. As everyone else at all four corners of the intersection just sat and watched. So our help was a "mysterious helper" type ha ha. Good times! Glad we took the back road or we would have just drove right past them withought knowing they were stuck. Happy (late) fourth of July everyone!!

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