Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Happenings

So the baby is officially now the size of a small pea. ha ha. I guess he or she is moving right along! ;) I can't wait for October to come and I can finally call our baby by it's name once we find out the gender! If you would like to make a guess on what it'll be go for it! We're sooo excited!!! :) I love my husband so much! He is so patient and loving and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect and goofy husband!

On another note, the music on my page is thanks to one of my best friends, Lizzie Justice. She actually just got back from serving at Girls Camp and made me reminece back to when her and I were young women participating in Girls Camp together. We had soo much fun and had the most wonderful leader, Melissa Bryner. We still spend time talking together about how wonderful Melissa was/is. She is so full of life and talented, genuine and caring, loving and FUN!! The song, "Live Like you Believe" is such a beautiful and touching song. This song brings me to tears almost everytime I hear it. I know that as we live like we believe then our lives will be full and rewarding. Our love for others will grow and our Faith in this wonderful plan will become solid. I also want to tell Lizzie how much her friendship has helped me and made me stronger. This girl is so amazing. She has been through soo much and she still continues to be strong in the Gospel and amazes me in all that she does, says, accomplishes, and teaches. I love this girl and I feel soo blessed that she has been, and will always be, a part of my life. You are incredible Lizzie!

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  1. Haili,
    You're a sweetie pie! Hope you are feeling a little better. Remember, peppermint helps ease nausea, sometimes:)