Monday, June 7, 2010

Show me the way

Isn't life just...good!? Okay so we can have those times that just make our clocks tick, but there is always something that brings our days back to happiness. I can't say this any more clearer. The key to all of our troubles to disappear is having a good relationship with Our Father in Heaven. That's the key. And I know that sometimes we get distracted or are too tired to communicate with Him. Well I got a wake up call to all ya'll,and even myself. STOP BEING SELFISH. stings a bit, yes? When we are "too tired, or too busy" to say a prayer...that's us being S E L F I S H. So let's um yeah...let's just do it. It is so amazing that each one of us can have a unique and strong bond with our Father in Heaven,if we want it bad enough. His love is overwhelming, and the strength and knowledge and comfort you get from Him is indescribable. Everyone has a unique gift given from Him, and if we come to understand His ways we will be able to find that gift inside of ourselves.

I will be first to admit I am not miss positive all the time. I have my moments. I have my days. But then I remind myself of how lucky and privileged I am. How blessed I am. If Heavenly Father has blessed someone like me as much as He has...I know that He is there for anyone else. Take in this thought, "One day we will meet Him again. We will remember Him. We'll remember the times we spent with Him before this life. Please, keep that strong bond with Him so when that day comes it will be even more special to you in your own way. My testimony is strengthened on a daily basis, and a lot of that strengthening comes from my wonderful husband who always offers the most sincere of prayers. I am so grateful for his relationship with his Heavenly Father, and that I am able to witness so much of it. I am grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder and that I am sealed to him for all eternity. My testimony is this: Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. No matter what our circumstances are. He loves us, and He listens, and He sends comfort through the Holy Ghost our way everyday if we stand worthy of His blessings.

Thank you for all those who like reading my blog. :) I know I am a little do you say it? "molly mormon" on here like 99.5% of the time, ha ha, but I can't help share how I feel to those who want to listen. :) Love you all. :)

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  1. keep up the 'molly mormoness' hun cuz i know i love it! your posts always help me so i'm glad you share with me your testimony on a regular basis! i need to hear people with such strong testimonies as yours! i'm so thankful for you girl! you are awesome and don't ever forget it!