Monday, May 10, 2010

witnessing miracles

Saturday evening a young couple came into my store. They came up to the register and bought some books, and then they went back to the children's book section. A few minutes later they returned to the register and said, "There is a young boy back in the children's book section and he told his mom he really wanted this book." (the book they placed on the register in front of me while telling me this story.) "The boy is really tan and bald. We think he is going through treatments for cancer. We want to buy this book for him, but don't tell them who bought it for them."--and that was it. I swipped their credit card, and they took off leaving the book in my hands. It was nearly a half hour later when the mom of this child and his brother came up to the register to check out. She had a pile of books, including the book that had already been bought for them. (but of course she didn't know this.) As I picked up the specific book I said to her, "Actually....someone already bought this book for your son." She was so humble, got the hugest smile on her face, started crying and wished she knew who it was who did that for them. What happened in those few moments I talked with this young mother was so touching and unforgettable; words can not explain the emotions we both felt in those few moments. Chills run up and down my entire body everytime I tell this story. Her reaction was so humbling, and I will never ever forget this small act of kindness that went such a long way in more than one persons life. this one all started with a book, "The Diary of a Whimpy Kid."

We never know what an impact our actions may have on others. Live a legacy.


  1. I miss those moments. Thanks for sharing, Hai!

  2. How sweet is that?? I love when I see such great examples of service!

  3. THATS SO AWESOME. i love stories like that. awe people like that just make me happy and want to be better. thanks for sharing.

  4. How sweet! I love it! What amazing people. :)