Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hard Times and Holy Places

What would you do if you woke up one morning and everything--was dark? What would you do if a doctor told you that you would never see again? I'll even admit I would be absolutely devastated. Okay, so I tease all the time that I am practically blind, because really, I can't see past the palm of my own hand without glasses or contacts. It really bites. It's like when you have something in your eye and you constantly blink to try to get it out. Everything is just a blur, and I get a really bad headache if I walk around without glasses or contacts. But how would you eventually look at life if you were announced "blind?"
Kris Belcher is one amazing woman. She has written a book called, "Hard Times and Holy Places." I recommend this book to everyone. Her humor and love for her Savior keep her progressing towards all that He wants her to be in this life and in the life to come. She bares her testimony to the world with such a reverent heart. I admire her strength and love for the Gospel.
Life brings each of us challenges, but it's the way we deal with those challenges that make us or break us. It's how we look at those challenges that make us become more like Christ or less like Him. We can either dance in the rain or try to hide inside until the storm passes. This life is a remarkable journey. One of my favorite songs is from EFY called, "Joy in the Journey." I love this song because it is true. The joy is in every step of life's journey. We can either hike the steep parts and enjoy the easy scenic parts or give up on the steep parts and never get to enjoy the easy parts. To be honest, the people who get the most out of life are those that embrace life. Those that love others with all their heart, those that care about others just as much as they care about themselves. Love is truly the most important thing in this life. Of course we need money to survive, but we don't need an overload of it. Aaron and I have been incredibly blessed with always having enough to pay our bills, and still have a good savings in our account. Sure we don't spend money on things we would like very often, but we have a savings. We have been blessed financially because of our obedience and love we have for our Savior, Father in Heaven and those around us. "Love wins...Love always wins." (Morrie Schwartz)
Keep your light shining bright ALWAYS. Others may need a little of your light here and there. We need to keep our lights bright, full of energy and love, warmth and a testimony that can speak out to everyone we bring into our lives.

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