Thursday, March 11, 2010

Memories and Photographs

At work the other day my friend was devastated when she found out that her former young women s leader was diagnosed with breast cancer. I could tell how much this young women s leader meant to my friend by the way she spoke of her. This conversation made me think about one of my previous young women s leader; who by the way made my whole entire WEEK by surprising me at my work!! My co-worker paged me over the intercom to come up to the register and when I turned the corner to go up there I FREAKING SAW MELISSA!!! ha ha. I wanted to scream and jump and go shopping with her! ha ha. Yeah she got to go party and I had to stay and work. One word: lame. But non-the-less it was so so so so good to see her!! I got a MUCH needed one of a kind hug from her :).

(Melissa, you so can't get mad for me posting this picture because you already have it displayed for all to see on yours. ha ha.) Is she not the cutest?! Love her. I was going to put a picture of her and me up, but I only have one and I have NO clue where it is!! Plus, it was when I was way younger and had retarded braces. Anyways, Melissa has raised three incredible little girls who have their own crazy cute personalities-hence the picture. I chose this one because of Kaylee's expression. It was SO her. ha ha. While raising an incredible family she inspired many young women like my friends.

A letter appeared in Melissa's mailbox one day-and that's when our bond started. :). She had just moved into the ward and I thought she was the most amazing woman I had ever met. I wanted to be just like her. She pushed me, loved me, watched out for me, listened to me, cared about me, had fun with me, watched moulin rouge with me, treated me like her own daughter practically. That's what all of us young women were to her. I could tell that we meant so so much to her. She came into young womens in my ward at such a needed time in my life, and I can't even explain what a remarkable example I believe her to be. She will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope I'll always be able to be a part of her life.

My hope is that young women leaders out there will see what a major impact they really have on their young women. We look up to you, we admire you, and we still talk about you as we grow up and start families. We look back at girls camp, mutual activities, and fun random talks we have with you guys. These are memories we treasure. Be the best YOU that YOU can be. I've had many young women leaders throughout my young women years and Melissa is the one I connected with and still treasure to this day. For all you young women leaders who feel like you may be accomplishing nothing-THINK AGAIN!! We young women will ALWAYS love and remember you. And to all those young women out there who have connected on some way with a young women leader, tell her; let her know what she means to you, even if you graduated young women's five or ten years ago. Do it. Words of admiration are very much needed, more than you may know.

Love you Melissa.

*Girls Camp Memories(Thanks Lizzie!)*

roadside? why were we sitting on a roadside?

sassy ashley :)


Because we're cool like that.

gangsta. word.

Girls camp was always a blast even when tents got blown down from storms. It was especially fun when Lizzie and all us girls got in trouble because we were giggling too much past curfew. HA HA. We knew deep down the leaders wanted to come see what we were doing to have SO much fun. ;)

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  1. Three things: Thank you for your words. They made my day:) Second: I take the pictures, I am rarely ever in them. I often tell Jason that when I am dead the kids won't remember what I looked like because we have no pictures of me! Third: You were sitting in the middle of the road because we were stuck in traffic for like an hour!!! That was awful:)