Tuesday, February 16, 2010

three day weekend, yes please!

Today is just one of those great days! This past three day weekend was very needed and very very fun!! I loved every second of it! Aaron and I went shopping at Costco for the first time and loved all the savings we made!!! We went shopping around town and I made him fashion off every color of shirt imaginable (and let me tell you...he can pull off any color.) We also went on a hike!! It was a blast! He also got me a new bed frame for Valentines Day and I absolutely love it! It was the one I fell in love with at a furniture store a couple months back. I know I'm slacking at postin' pictures and I apologize. We were going to bring the camera on the hike, but when it came down to it we realized the battery was dead. (goes to show how much we use it. haha. I love life with Aaron and I absolutely love my family (including my new family.) It feels like I was born to become a part of the Hunter family. :) I love it!!!

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  1. You are so cute! I love three day weekends too!