Friday, January 15, 2010

Time for a Change

One thing that drives me crazy! W-O-R-K! You would "think" that working at a church store one would feel very lucky. Not me. I always wanted to work where I work, but now that I do work there, and have been working there for over a year now, there is nothing more that I want to do than quit! I get along and love the girls I work with, however, everything else just bites. The pay, dress code, rules, people who are at a higher ranking than us employees, and the backstabbing.

The pay: I get paid almost $2.00 less than what I made at the daycare. (which job I absolutely LOVED) When I had my interview for this job I have now I was aware of the pay drop, however I needed a job at the time, and I had been looking for almost three months. My boss told me that the benefits hopefully make up for the low pay. Benefits? What benefits? none. He said it's the benefits of: the atmosphere, people, and discounts. None of which make up for the $2.00 pay drop.

Dress Code: I can't even begin to explain how much I despise the dress code. We have to wear a white shirt with either a skirt or brown, black, white, or tan jeans or corduroys. We can't wear tennis shoes either. At the end of a shift I come home with black all over my shirt because of moving boxes and everything else. I'm so tired of wearing white. I say, if your outfit is professional we should be able to wear whatever color we want.

Rules: If we are slow and everything is stocked and finished we cant- read or do homework. We have to say, "Hope to see you again" to every customer that leaves our store. We only have a 15min break (go get food and then what? Let it sit and rot until you get home? 15min is NOT enough time)

People who are at higher standings in the business: They expect us to memorize 8 different beliefs and be able to recite them. They have no respect for us or the efforts we make to make the store pleasing. They give us a "C" on our store inspection because-in their opinion-the store isn't the way they want it. Even though customers always compliment us on how nice the store looks. They pay us horrible. Our store meetings are full of swearing and arguing.

Backstabbing: "it's the people in the church...not the church" I always have to remind myself that. You would think that working at a church bookstore you would be safe from people being rude to one another. I'm not saying everybody is rude to everybody, however, you never know if you're being talked about. Tonight it seemed like everywhere I went someone was talking bad about someone else. I don't like it. I wish people would just accept people for who they are. If you don't like something about someone that doesn't mean you should go around talking bad about them.

Anyways, now that I have vented about everything I dislike about my work and how badly I want a new job...if ANYONE knows of any place that is hiring...let me know please! Oh and I also want to say that I LOVE reading Sammy Beardall's blog! She has the greatest home cleaning products to rave about, and so much more that has helped me! haha. Thanks Sammy!


  1. I'm sorry Haili. I totally understand (of course) but I'm still SO glad that we work together!

  2. oh the joys of work ha. i do my header on photoshop and what not. its really easy but you have to have adobe photoshop.