Thursday, January 28, 2010

Newlywed Syndrome

I will admit I'm 100% in newlywed mode. So if you don't like mushy stuff-just don't read my blog-I really just blog for so I can remember things that happen or little things I think about. I keep a journal too, but this way just keeps more updated and such. (and it's more fun.) Anyways...

Today in my Family Relations class every girl in there was like bashing on their men! I was just sitting there thinking about how wonderful mine was. The sad thing is, is that a lot of the girls in that class are young just like me. Meaning, they can't have been married for too long. You would think they would all have good things to say about their husbands. haha.

I really am so blessed. I have no idea how I got soo-o lucky to have married Aaron, I really don't. Growing up I was terrified of getting married because all my life all I had seen and heard were either unhappy marriages or divorces. I was scared I wouldn't be able to "break the chain of bad marriages." However, I forgot one thing growing up. As you keep the Lord in your life and always keep in a priority in your final decisions...He won't lead you to something destructive. I know challenges will always be a part of life, and I've seen a few already, but their so minor if husband and wife and the Lord know how to communicate and get through them. When I first started dating Aaron I didn't get the "sparks" that I had gotten with previous relationships. I loved hanging out with him and such, I just didn't like him like him. As we became more serious and I still wasn't sure what I wanted I continued to pray. I kept getting frusterated because when I would ask, "Is Aaron the one for me? If I married him would that be okay with you, Father?" I would never get a straight answer. However, as I look back now...I can see that the Lord was answering me all along. Never once did Heavenly Father warn me of danger when I was with Aaron. Never once did He come out and say, "No." When I was with Aaron I felt loved, safe, and cared for. His qualities were very christlike, and I felt like a better person as I got to know him more. So in the end I knew that Heavenly Father was telling me all along that Aaron would be a good and safe choice. Unlike my relationships before Aaron, I always felt uneasy around them and not as safe; but I liked the thought of being in love I suppose.

The Lord blesses those that are faithful and true. I've learned that from my dad. I love this Gospel and I love Aaron so incredibly much. One thing I love so much about him is his ability to heal. When I've had a rough day or I'm just kind of on the edgy side...he fixes it. He grabs me and starts to try to make me laugh. I, being the stubborn person that I am, try to not smile, but gosh dang it! He always gets me to smile and my frustration always seems to fade. I love you babe. <3

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  1. hey, i hope you got my invite to our blog. I love reading your got me though, with the 'i'm expecting' sheesh girl, thought you were going to pull a chris and nikki and get prego.;)

    love ya cuz.