Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bye bye bed

Sooooooo Aaron and I traveled up to Salt Lake this past weekend to get a queen bed from somebody. We thought we were going the best way, because although this bed was clear up in salt lake, it was a bargain. We all know bargains aren't always the best though. So we get up there, get the bed and realize it's not exactly what we had expected or really wanted. So we hauled the mattress all the way back to Saint George and toss it. So in the end, we got rid of our bed for the trade off of this queen bed up in salt lake, tossed the queen bed, spent a butt load of gas money and now sleep on the floor. HA HA. It's been fun though. It's been like a camp out in our room this week. Thankfully we have extra "fun" money we will now be spending on a mattress, boxspring, and bedframe instead of the WII Aaron says that we must have. :) Gotta love it!

I've been really bad at the picture thing lately. Aaron and I need to start taking more pictures. And when we do-they'll be up. :)


  1. dude our wii is the best thing we are able to play it together and have home made fun instead of money fun the price sucks but its so worth i agree with Aaron...MUST HAVE ha ha i miss and love you!

  2. We love our Wii too! Josh and I play Mario and laugh and yell at each other. It's great! (I can see how the mattress took precedence though.)