Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Future coming our way

"We are not worldly beings having spiritual experiences- we are spiritual beings having worldly experiences."
I absolutely love this quote. It's so true. Aaron and I were laying out under the stars the other night and things started to just click. Since we are spiritual beings it only makes sense that we would be blessed when we follow the spiritual guidance we are given. Something else I learned this week was how important it is to read your scriptures. As obvious as that sounds I think a lot of us forget that by reading your scriptures you're really shielding and empowering yourself. One week I had just been to tired/forgotten/busy to read my scriptures and nothing seemed to go right and my attitude was just not who I am. So then one night I was HELLO wake up Haili. Actually the love of my life gave me the wake up call. He was saying how the solution is so obvious- when people are wondering why nothing was working out in their lives there is one question they can answer themselves to solve their problem. "Am I reading my scriptures?" If the answer is NO then there is your reason as to why nothing is working out. READ YOUR SCRIPTURES and you will be HAPPY!! When you read your scriptures you can understand things better and get along with your loved ones better. So READ!
I love Aaron R. Hunter!!

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