Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life in the fast lane

"The more you increase in the Spirit, the more you are capable to love and be loved." I heard that quote the other day, and what pure truth that quote states! When you start to fill yourself with spiritual strength by reading your scriptures and saying your prayers with full dedication- your capacity to love and to feel it is so much stronger! I do need to start going to the temple on a regular basis though, and this fall I am going to complete a couple institute courses! I can't back down on them! They are such great courses! Anyways, so I went and saw "The Hannah Montana Movie" this afternoon with Austin! I love that girl! Oh and let me tell you the movie was not that bad! I actually LIKED it! I haven't gone to the movie theater in FOREVER! It was fun! On to a more serious note and final note: I LOVE HIM! <3

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  1. haha i saw that movie today and i actually enjoyed it, and if i didnt already have my own cowboy- i'd steal hannah montanas cuz he was freakin hot.