Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Plan of Happiness or Misery

So I'm reading this book called, "The Brothers". It's volume one of a six volume series. It's an awesome book so far! This volume goes through the premortal life in a fiction manner. It's teaching me a lot more about the war that went on before we came to this life. How we all knew of our divine purposes before we came to earth. How we didn't want to leave our life with our Father in Heaven. How we worried about coming to this "earth life" and feeling pain, sadness, loss, sickness,etc. We were so content in Heaven. We spent everyday learning and growing with the ones we loved. However we were getting too comfortable and that's why we had to come to earth to get a body and prove to our Father that we would remain faithful. It talks about all of our brothers and sisters who had chosen to follow Lucifer and his sneaky ways. What hit me the hardest I think was when Lucifer told us how he loved us more than our Father in Heaven. Yet, he in disguise doesn't love us at all. All of what we do when we do it for our Heavenly Father gives US strength to overcome and to LOVE! In Lucifer's Plan when we praise him and follow him...we are simply giving him power and robbing ourselves of energy and the ability to feel love, joy, and happiness. While at the same time being tricked into following the wrong person. There is no flaws in Christ's plan for us. There are only flaws in the person who chooses to look only for the now and not into the eternity to come. It will be awesome to finally return one day and hopefully remember everything. To see HIS face and to tell HIM how much we love HIM!
So my friend Spencer is coming home from his mission at the end of this month!! It's sooo crazy! It seems like he has been gone for WAY longer than 2 years. Maybe that's because of his trip home after the MTC because he got an injury. So he was home for the summer and then went back out in the fall. It will be good to see him again...and to have a smidgen of a road trip with my stud of a man! haha. It shall be a blast!
Isn't it crazy how fast life can fly by? I mean seriously! I feel like I was in high school like not too long ago, and yet it was 2 years ago that I graduated!!! Then again, I was also in Italy this time last year, and to me it feels like that was ages ago! So so bizarre! Life is such a journey and we all have to learn to travel the roads designed for us. Stay on the path of Our Savior; that is the purpose of this tiny earth life. We all want to go HoMe someday!!
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  1. That is way awesome! I've never heard of that series before. I'll have to look for it! :) I love you girl!

  2. Wow...i want to read those books now haha. :) I love ya and miss ya swirls...:(