Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What life is all about.

Finding what is right for you! Knowing Gods plan for you and sticking to it. When you get distracted...find your way back! Don't stay lost. There's always a way back. Some find their way back faster than others, but everybody can find their way back. I promise. Once you know what you need to be doing...You'll know it. Stop trying to change it. It will never change. If you change wont be happy. The plan that has been prepared for you is what you need to stick to if you want to be happy in this life and in the next. Just always remember that Heavenly Father doesn't want you to be un-happy. There is indeed a "happily ever after" to all of His childrens lives. It is within our hands to choose if we really want to do what it takes to achieve that ending. It honestly will not be easy, and sometimes the road we must take isn't the one we necessarily want to take. However it is through Him and our knowledge of the "big picture" in which we can make it through those hard times. Dont give up. The Joy really is in the journey.

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