Monday, December 8, 2008

PS. I love You.

Yes, I know I just posted yesterday, but today was just a really good day. (Minus the fact that I wore high heels to work!!!) Which wouldn't be a bad thing if I worked say in an office or something. But no. I work at a retail book store called, "Deseret Books" and so I'm on my feet for 8 hours straight!!! Oh man, lets just say I'm never doing that again! So life has been an interesting little ride lately, but I think I'm getting back on top again. If you keep your mind focused on Christ and His unconditional love and concern for you, you can't help but feel happy and at peace. Sure there are those moments I still get that sudden sting of sadness, but I'm working through it. We weren't put on this earth to be un-happy. We go through trials, but I don't believe that Heavenly Father intentionally puts them there on purpose. I think either we bring them on ourselves or we just kind of fall into a situation and react to it in a way that brings on the hard times. But through these little pot holes in the road we always have a helping hand. When the rain comes pelting down on us I can just hear my Savior calling to us. Calling our names and running towards us. Are we faithful enough to take His hand? Or are we scared to fall again? Wherever our Savior is...we have no need to fear. This Gospel is True.

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  1. We show forth our testomony in everything we do . Don't let your testomony pass you by . What I mean is by not living it when you know it's true .