Saturday, November 15, 2008

Unconditional Love.

I went and saw the movie, "Fireproof" tonight with my friend James. He is leaving on his mission this coming week!!! I would say it was a good last movie for him to see though. It was all about showing unconditional love, and what that really meant. It was a Christian low-budget (bad acting) film, but non-the-less VERY good. There was a line in the movie saying how God loves everybody even when they choose to reject His love. So when we truly love somebody...even if sometimes it's not shown back, we should still show it. If that is we truly love them.
This all lead me to the whole break-up thing and how everyone thinks it's best to move on and just cut them out of your life. Why would I do something like that if I truly loved a person? So tonight after my little outing I new motto. And guess what this all did for me? Tonight I got a hug from my favorite person in the whole world!!! :) Oh how I miss that boy. :)

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