Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Thoughts.

So I'm totally excited about this coming year. Also a little nervous. I'm registering for three classes at Dixie in Hurricane. I'm planning on taking Psycology, English, and Interpersonal Communications. I may not know exactly what I want to do in the future, other than be an amazing wife and mother, so I'm just going to work on my Assosiates of Arts Degree for now. I considered going back up north for Spring Semester, but I decided staying down here would be best. The only reason of my wanting to move to Northern Utah would be to run from my struggles down here. So that's not a very good reason haha. Once Christmas is over I'm going to have to find a new job since this one is only seasonal. However, I'm ok with that, because I miss working with little kids...A LOT!
Last night was good. I got to see a certain someone. I heard the things I needed to hear. I guess sometimes it's hard for me to understand the situation, because I have never been overwhelmingly busy as some people are. I've also grown up with the impression of if a guy really likes you...he'd be with you, and call you all the time. I'm starting to learn that, yes that is true in some cases. However throw in, the kid still being in high school, getting ready for a mission, involved in every single activity there is, and seeing his grades suffer from being in a start to see a different perspective. Right now, I'm going to focus on school, and being a good friend to those I care about and love. We may love each other, but neither one of us are neccesarily "ready" for a relationship, as much as we may want to be.
I am SO SO SO excited to go on a mission!!! I wish I didn't have to wait as long as I have to. I guess the time I have to wait will give me a better chance to prepare though. Serving a mission has not always been my fact, at one point I said to myself that I would never want to go. Things changed. I met him. I learned what it's all about. I grew to love the gospel even more. I...can't...wait!!!!
I'm not saying things are easy right now, because they aren't really. It's hard loving somebody and not being able to be with them. (I know Sammy can agree with me on that one.) "He never said it would be easy though...only worth it." The things you want most in life...ya gotta work for. I've realized when you love're going to wanna talk to them. My dad is a perfect example of this. We've gone through our rough patches, but I always knew he loved me. He always called or emailed everyday. At times I took it for granted, because I knew he would always be there. Now though, I've grown and realized that I want to be close to somebody who has that love for me. So when I love somebody I will do the same. I will follow in my dad's footsteps and show that person I care about them, even if sometimes it's not shown back, because they may be busy or something. "What goes around really does come around." That's why the whole, "hard to get game" is dumb and pointless. Nobody likes doing it, they just do it to test the other person. It's immature and a game Heavenly Father DID NOT create. When a child of his chooses not to show their love for Him, does he say, "Fine then I just won't be with you or show you my love until you choose to come to me." Instead He tries His hardest to show His love for them, and is there when they DO realize He is never going to leave them. So if we're here learning to develop Christ-like attributes...wouldn't we do the same? :):)
You know what? I really miss Melissa. She is amazing. Wonderful. Spectacular! Have any of you had those Young Women Leaders that you just totally admire? Even after you're out of Young Womens you still love them just the same? You still try and keep contact with them? You still hope to be just as amazing as they are when you become a wife and mother? Well I sure do. I love her. :)
My family is coming for Thanksgiving. Want to hear who all is going to be in my house for four days? Ok here we go: Me, Aunt Vickie, Uncle Earl, Grandma, Grandpa, Tammi, Andy, Taelyn, Jaide, Dre, Dante, Rodney, Trisha, Mafi, my mom, Fritz, two dogs, **possibly my mom's two foster sons**, Aunt Suzette, Uncle Brian, Brian Jr, Alyssa, Mark and his friend. WOW!!!!! fun!!

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  1. Well, it sounds like life is getting pretty busy for you these days! That is good! Good job for signing up for three classes. You will have to let me know who your teachers are. I know it has been ten years since I was going to school down there, but the teachers may still be the same. You never know! It sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be crazy but fun for you. I hope you have a great time with you mom. Oh, and by the way, foster kids? Are you serious?