Sunday, October 26, 2008

That's what I call "life"

I made a decision. I am going to be happy from now on. We go through things that are sad and tough. But guess what? We are the ones that choose how we react to them. If we go through trials with a good attitude and be thankful, we grow and learn so much from them. We are put through trials so that when other people go through something similar-we can relate and comfort them better. So Heavenly Father is really shaping us into a better person so we can be instruments in HIS hands. :) So the next time you go through something difficult try and be thankful, instead of saying, "Why me?"

Find Somebody who:
<3makes you smile more than anybody else does
<3makes you want to stay in his arms forever
<3you can tell that they like can feel know he's sincere
<3respects you
<3makes you laugh
<3has a way (without knowing it)to sneak his way into your thoughts all day long!
<3you can't imagine your life without.
<3is a cheeseball (well if you like that haha)
<3is faithful to what he knows is right
<3is your best friend

....and just another piece of advice- When you find somebody like this...don't let them go. =) =)

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