Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Eternal Testimony

**I wrote this about a month ago, and sent it to the Ensign hoping to get it into the magazine...but it didn't make it. So I'm posting it on here so at least it gets read by some people. =)*

Heavenly Father didn’t create his children differently just for the heck of it. He did it so somebody could be a beacon of light and hope to somebody else. If we were all the same there would be no way to help others. We’d all have the same struggles, the same joys, and the same way of dealing and helping others. The people in our lives are there for a reason. Have you ever noticed for instance in a Fast and Testimony meeting you could hear different people saying the same things, however one person will make something just “click”? I mean really, we go to church every Sunday, and they teach us the same things. However we continue to grow and learn each time we hear the principles and doctrines taught. Then the time comes when one person will say something using different words or a different light, and the Spirit will totally overcome you.
One day you meet somebody who changes your life in a way you don’t realize at the time. I had just finished Junior High, and had to move and go to a high school that was totally new and unfamiliar to me. All my friends would be attending high school together, and I had to start new at a totally crazy new high school. I was feeling like I was losing my testimony, and I was starting to slowly become inactive. I attended Young Womens and totally bonded with my Young Womens Leader from the very beginning. She changed my life and made me feel at peace and very loved.
As we are in our youth we start by gaining our own testimony by leaning on those who have one of their own. For me I had the best Young Women Leader to lean on. Her testimony and her words strengthened me so much. The look in her eyes when she talked about her faith in the Gospel, and when she walked into a room, you knew she was a very noble and obedient daughter of God. Don’t be afraid to lean on others as you begin to gain your own testimony. You need that strength to help you learn what the Gospel can do for you. You are able to see what the Gospel has done for people you admire so much.
I still remember to this day the nights she would drive all of us girls home from the Wednesday night activities. She would always drop me off last and we would just talk. She would make sure I was doing ok, and she always knew the right things to say. She would tell me she loved me and was always there for a shoulder to cry on. I looked forward to Wednesday nights and grew to love Melissa unconditionally. She is still to this day a hero and a best friend to me. I still absolutely love going to her home to visit her. Everytime I have to say goodbye it’s so hard even though I know I’ll see her again.
Maybe that’s how Heavenly Father feels at times. When we are down on our knees talking to him in our quiet moments, and then we say goodbye until the next time we talk to Him. He is probably very sad to end the conversation he was having with us, and looks ever so forward to the next time we take time to visit with Him. It’s really hard to say goodbye to those you hold so close to you no matter what.
Always live your life through Christ. Which is exactly what I think Melissa does. You see, somebody out there IS really always watching you. Somebody does look up to you, and you should live your life in a way YOU would want that person to live. The best feeling in the world is to know that somebody looks up to you. It is such an amazing thing to be able to hear somebody say, “I want to be just like her, because she is so faithful, so loving, so fun to be around. “ Just to hear somebody say good things about you really makes you see that you are making a difference in sombody else’s life.
Thanks Melissa.

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  1. Thanks for that! I can always use some good words of encouragement!