Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just for the Record

I think that quote speaks for itself, but it's so true!! However, I think being struck by lightning would kill in a bad way...Being struck by love doesn't kill in a bad way. =) I never could imagine myself..ME to feel this way about anybody! And to fall so hard! Oh but boy it feels good! I love seeing love sneak it's way into everybodys' lives lately. It's such a fun and exciting time! It's also exciting to know that many of my friends have yet to find somebody to fall for, and to sit and anticipate who it might be. I can't believe how fast we all grow up, how fast our lives change, and how one person can make each of us a better person if we let them. We all have so many decisions to face in our near future, but they are exciting ones..not ones to be nervous or scared of. The Lord has prepared a path for each and every one of us. I believe that any two people can make somethng work if they really want it, and are both living worthy and righteous lives. I believe that there isn't just one right person out there for everybody. I do believe however that one person can make you happier than somebody else would be able to. I know that when you find somebody who you never want them to let you go...I think you've found a winner. One that you can trust, and know that he loves the Lord and has a clear perspective of the future in mind. Somebody that you cherish and care about very deeply for. A big key as well is to watch for how he treats his family. That is a very important thing. Keep your head up! Believe that if you start to sink that you will be able to swim your way back up through the power of sincere prayer. Be thankful for those who are in your life. For they are angels sent from Heaven to bless you with you life during this time. Some people you can feel when your around them, that they will be a part of your life forever, others are very important at this time. Keep in mind to always cherish those you love everyday!! No matter how busy you may think you are...there is at least a moment in your day where you can just remind somebody you care about that you are thinking about them. It will make them smile, you feel good, and it will strengthen your friendship.



  1. good luck with... him... idk who it is for sure, but im happy for you and i know that for sure :) have a great day.

  2. I'm happy for you also. I heart you.