Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He knows.

Walk a little taller. Laugh a little harder. Smile more often and love unconditonally.

It's funny how one minute everything is going good. You're having so much fun and loving the moment. Then within seconds something scares you to the point of major panic. It's amazing that we have a Father in Heaven who can see what is ahead of each and everyone of us. Now admit it, we've all wanted to be famous at one point in our lives. Well, all of us are. Heavenly Father has seen each one of our movies too. He's seen more of it than we have even seen. He knows the ending, and He knows that they're all happy long as we do our part.

We could have decided to not go to dinner after the singles activity last night. Had we chosen not amazing daughter of God could have returned home last night. Which we all want in the end, but it wasn't her time to go. If Aubrey hadn't of invited her to come with us Chrissy could have passed out at the wheel, or she could have passed out when she got home and was all alone with no one to help. Let me start from the beginning.

Last night was a singles activity. (Yes I know I said I wasn't going to go to singles but guess what? I love it!! I've met some great people and have gotten closer to ones I've already known.) We drove over to the corn maze and then after we all went up to the dance. I think the funnest part of the whole activity was really, the car ride there, and the corn maze. I got to know a freaking hillarious girl who I have grown to love in a matter of 24hrs. As we were all deciding who was going to drive to the destination Aubrey asked Chrissy (a girl none of us really knew) if she wanted to car pool up with us. She said yes and we had a blast! I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. Chrissy is such a funny girl. What's really sad though is I get embarrassed when I laugh really hard. My face turns bright red, and sometimes it looks like I'm in pain haha so I try to control my laughter. :) You know what's way fun? Is to distinguish someones "normal laugh" and their "tired laugh" haha. I love you Aubs!! Anyways, we didn't stay at the dance too long. Maybe like 20-30min. We left on account of me. I just wasn't having fun, I guess I felt guilty in a way. I just kept wishing somebody else was there with I just wanted to leave. So after a couple dances, such as "THE CHICKEN DANCE!!!!" we left. I kept my distance from boys so they wouldn't ask me to dance...I didn't want to dance with them! =P Ok ok, so afterwards Chrissy, Maggie, Aubrey and I went over to Wingars. On our way home, about 10min until the church where Chrissy's car was parked we noticed that Chrissy wasn't singing to the songs with us anymore. She looked like she had fallen asleep. So Aubrey decided to slam on her brakes to freak her out and wake her up. Nope that didn't work..but it scared the freegey geezies out of me!!! haha..I even knew it was coming, but I'm cool and still got scared haha. Chrissy didn't. We were starting to worry. We pulled into the church and Mags and Aubs attempted to wake her up. Nothing. "Chrissy, honey, wake up." Still...nothing. "She's not breathing, Haili call 911!" My thoughts, "Oh my gosh! What's the number for 911? What do I do?" I got it together and called. The ambulance came and we went back into Saint George to the emergency room. Tiffany, Mike, and Josh met us there. We were there until 1:30am. Chrissy is ok now. She was able to ride back home with us. Josh and Mike gave her a blessing. A very comforting and very spiritual blessing that sent chills down each of our spines. We're not sure what happened, but once we know for sure we'll let ya'll know so it's all said and done.

I am so thankful to have worthy sons of God around to bless the lives of the children of God. To comfort those in need of comfort and to stregthen the testimonies of many. I am so glad that Chrissy is ok, and I am thankful for the prayer that Aubrey communicated with her Father in Heaven the morning of this interesting night. I really feel like a changed person today. I feel like it's the beginning of a new phase of my life. Always to strive to be better, to progress, to learn, and to serve those around me. Let's love a little harder. Laugh a little more. Smile always. Serve like our Father in Heaven wants us to serve.


  1. that's crazy haili! i'm glad she's ok and i'm glad the Lord watches over all of us. were all so blessed.

  2. I'm so thankful that she's ok. i'm So thankful for a heavenly father who loves each of us. Chrissy truly is an amazing girl and i've never loved someone so fast! haha ..thanks for the comment about my ...tired laugh lol i love ya !