Monday, September 8, 2008

It's time to take a Stand.

I went and saw this movie called, "The Errand of Angels" tonight. It was a pretty good movie. Some bad acting going on, but nonetheless pretty good. Watching it just made me even more excited to serve a mission! Yes, I know there will be tough times, and maybe I'll be tried with companions that aren't so easy to get along with. However it will all make me learn and grow. I made it through being away in a different country with people I didn't know for 6 months. I can make it through a year and a half with people I've known forever!! =) Oh man I am so excited!!! To spend that much time serving, thinking, and loving the Lord.

For those of you who don't know this I'm here to tell you...Boys are confusing...and sometimes clueless, but us girls got to be patient and help them out sometimes. Let's learn to be patient, loving, understanding, and quick to forgive. Try to not get angry and upset at little things even when you may be hurt or sad. Be a voice of reason and work together to talk it through. Even though it may be hard, just do it, because you'll be glad you did. Let's face it...we don't REALLY wan't to be angry with each what does it matter who fixes it as long as it gets fixed?

I would like to share a little something. I am taking 5 institute classes right now, and I am LOVING EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!!! Tuesday mornings I do have to leave the house at 6:20am to get to class on time, but it's SO worth it!! When we feast upon the words of Christ we really do gain more knowledge then we could ever imagine. Taking these classes and going into them with a great desire to learn, i've been able to be more reasonable with things, and retain knowledge that I learn.

I totally just thought of something hillarious. In Relief Society on Sunday I said this comment on sincere prayer. "I've learned that if you speak to your Heavenly Father as if He is sitting right there next to you listening." The person standing up speaking then replied, "Very good way to look at it...oh except sometimes I like to think of Him a little further when I'm saying a prayer as I'm getting into the shower or something." HAHA it was great fun!! =)

Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Live Life. Love your life. Smile. Be strong. Laugh!

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  1. haha you are an inspiration haili. you are so loved. your awesome. 5 institute classes, wow. you go girl