Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Trails!!

HAHAHA I really love it when somebody tells you a story that is SO unique and so HILLARIOUSLY funny that it makes you randomly start laughing later on that night when you're totally just by yourself. (Thanks Sammy!)
So tonight was fun....and I'm sure tomorrow will be too! I like chillin' at the movie theatres after hours! Especially with like one of the coolest girls I know!!! OH and I saw Jesse!! That was freaking awesome too!!!
Life can be stressful and hard at times...but if you look at all the blessings you have...all the amazing people in your life...that love you so makes things look so much brighter and happier! The best and coolest thing to realize too is when you start becoming better friends with somebody you went to high school with, but never really got the chance to form a friendship with back then. You learn more things about them and realize they are just like you...when I say that...I mean they do have struggles and they are set to feel vulnerable sometimes. You grow to learn that they are an amazing person still, and you both are becoming better friends and learn to understand and know each other more and more. =)
LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH....It does a body good! =)

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  1. thanks for that post haili... i know it wasn't for me or anything haha ...but it sure did Help me :D
    love ya tons
    love aub