Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Final Stretch!!

Guess what everybody?

One more week!!!  

     So let me fill you in a little bit of what's happened lately.  Last Sunday I went to church and we had this lesson in Sunday School about Testimonies.  Elder Robbings (the really cute one) was asked the question, "What made you decide to get baptized?  What was your testimony?"  He made everybody laugh with his response of, "I don't know, I was only eight!" haha.  It was super funny.  
     Tuesday Erika was admitted into the hospital where she had to stay, because she couldn't walk at all.  It had something to do with the weight of the baby and her nerve system.  Matteo flew home from Africa to come be here with her.  (What a man! haha)  Thankfully for me too.  When I found out Erika had to stay in the hospital I knew it was 100% me with Isabella.  I was going to be her full-time mom for a while.  Then I got the call saying Matteo was coming home.  He has been such a great help around here.  He's great...I really get along with him.  
     Thursday Crystel arrived at the house and was totally jet lagged!!  I've never seen this side of my little Hurricane buddy before!! She's totally great though I love her to pieces!  We went out on the town last night to get some pizza.  It was a pretty expensive meal if you ask me!!  There was a deaf boy who was going around to each table selling little gadgets and Crystel bought one. I used american sign language and felt pretty cool, because he gave me a thumbs up!  This morning Crystel went off to church...I hope she finds it ok.  I couldn't go because I had to stay home and help Erika.  She was sent home from the hospital, but has to be on crutches and needs help.  So Crystel is off talking with the cute missionary without me...*sigh*
     That's about it for now..I'll write another blog post before I head home in...8 days!!! Ciao!

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