Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stand out and L.I.V.E.

I know I totally just posted a blog last night, but I have some time right now. I want to just say some things that may get out there and across to people. We never know when our time on earth will come to a close. Heavenly Father wont keep us here longer than we need to be. He chose us to be here at this time, because we were some of his strongest children. This life is a test, and each of our tests are different. So when our test is finished it's time for us to be graded and judged accordingly. So when we loose a loved one and we're sad...look at is as, "Wow they're simply amazing...they passed their test so soon and I know they aced it." We are also lucky to know of the reward we get for acing our test. We get eternal life and happiness. We get to see our Father again. We get to live in peace and comfort with those we love. Mandy Johnson was an amazing girl. I never was very close to her, but I did honestly look up to her very much. In high school I was very shy, and didn't talk to people I didn't really know. Mandy was always somebody I admired. From her I took this goal: To always smile, and be known as somebody who everybody could look up to. Mandy touched many lives and I am personally amazed that she finished her test. I know that she aced it without a doubt and I can't wait to thank her for all the strength she gave me.
For those of you who don't know Mandy Johnson, she passed away in a plane crash August 22nd. It was a small plane occupied by a group of people who brought medical supplies to remote areas in Utah. Mandy was majoring in Communications at SUU and was an office worker for the Medical Facility. It's so crazy thinking that she could have gotten any other job, but she chose to do that job. It just puts into perspective that if we are doing the things we're supposed to be doing, whenever our time will come. Mandy was only 20yrs old and graduated just a year before I did. She had been engaged the night before as well. She was an over achiever and accomplished many things in her short years of life. She IS a rolemodel to us all and very loved.
So as we live our them to their fullest. Do what you love to do and try new things. Serve others around you and make others smile. Find out your strengths and share them. Don't look back with regrets!!

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