Sunday, August 31, 2008

LimeKey Pie!

So Peach Days was really fun!! Actually this whole weekend was a lot of fun! Friday I went to this improb comedy show called, "Off the Cuff" in Cedar with my friends; Sarah, Toni, Carrie, Robin, and Ashley. Oh my gosh that show is so funny and totally worth your money. The best part of the night was when it was time to leave and Sarah attempted to throw away our empty cups. You know those bars they put across the dumpsters so you can't use them? Well Sarah decided that it wasn't going to stop her. So she smashed those cups down and squished them into the dumpster. Then this girl walked by and said, "You know, the dumpster is right there." She then pointed to a dumpster across the way that was totally open and free to use without jamming your cups under some bar! =) It was totally funny!!

Today I woke up and went to the Peach Days Parade with my cousins and that was really fun too! After I met up with Robin and we were at Peach Days ALL day long!! I didn't think it was possible to do that, but I found out I was wrong! There did come a point where it got way too hot, so we decided to walk over to the park. So we did and we just sat on the grass and had some deep conversation haha. Not really but it was fun and shady. Then this guy came up to us and asked us, "Is this HurriCANE?" haha. It made me laugh the way he pronounced it. He then explained to us that he had just drove 2800 miles? in his Moble Home with his 168lb dog and little cat (who somehow escaped) and he was looking for someplace I forgot in HurriCANE. It was kind of creepy. Anyways, then we went back to Peach Days to watch the Hurricane Royalty perform and to see Adam and the other hunks of studs perform their amazingly wonderful songs. Katie called Robin then so we went and visited her at work and then went to go get a Navaho Taco!! That was really yummy!! After we let that sit for a while we went and got some ice-cream at Dairy Queen!! =) I haven't had a blizzard in like over 6 months!! Oh and we totally went Skittle Bowling tonight too!! That was a lot of fun! I didn't win, but that's ok! Finally we wen't to the High School Football Field to watch the fireworks and we were RIGHT underneath them!! It was like 3d and the fireworks were going to land right on top of us!! It was crazy fun!!

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