Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harder than you think.

     So I decided today that there are two really difficult tasks I must accomplish before I head on home.  
1.) Not be involved with Isabella as break our incredibly strong bond.  
2.) Fit all of my belongings back into my suitcase along with all the gifts I bought for everybody.
     These two tasks may sound easy to some, but for me they are very complicated.  I am sure I will master them though.  
     Isabella went to the sea today with her Nonna and Zia.  Also known as her grandma and her sister.  So Crystel and I ventured our way into Rapallo.  We found we are very different.  She likes to spend...I am a saver.  I bought some nail polish and she bought a butt load of stuff!  There was this really cool market just before you got into town with millions of stands.  There was everything from Undies to purses, wallets, dishes, etc.  Anything you could possibly think of!  Then we finally made our way through the massive crowd of Italian Speaking crazed shoppers into the town of Rapallo.  Our first stop was "Upim".  It's basically like a Ross in the states.  Then we filled ourselves with some yummy ice cream and tried to pronounce the flavors correctly.  After that we headed back through the market and headed home.  We decided to hitch a ride on the bus, because it was way to hot to walk all the 3 miles back home.  So we got onto a bus and watched as we passed the street to our place we call home.  The bus finally stopped and so we made our way back up to the house.  It was great fun let me tell you!
     Crystel and I then had a great talk about chicken liver and my sadness for square shaped cookies.  Seriously though, have you ever tried making a square shaped cookie?  I doesn't work.  The dough just magically forms into a circle.  We also talked about how nobody ever wears yellow nail polish.  Why not?  Yellow is a pretty color don't you think?  So why doesn't anybody venture out and wear it on their nails?  I mean they put every color imaginable into their why not on their fingernails?  Wow the things you could talk about when you're just sitting around.  Just the little mysterious questions of life I guess!  =)
     Well folks my journey is coming to an end.  My last day in Italy is Sunday...which is in--3 days.  When I get home I will write a long huge blog of all the things I've learned and my favorite experiences.  I love you all so much!  Ciao!

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