Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy, Beautiful, Peaceful Life

You know...this life...if you're where you're supposed to be, doing what you're supposed to be doing- life is pretty fabulous if you ask me!! Sure things may twist and you may have some hard times, but you make it through. Life is mainly good and happy times so when we're faced with difficult times it's hard for us to handle them. Just remember those tough times are but a very small moment, and if you endure them well then you will push through to those good and peaceful times.
It's funny how little things in life can make you think of good people in your life. A simple smell or a simple night breeze can remind you of the warm and comforting love of somebody that you hold close. If only people knew the answer to being happy. If only they knew they were a child of a King...Royalty. If only they knew what lies ahead of them.
This weekend has been a lot of fun. Friday night I had a sleepover with my little wonderful cousins and we watched "Cheetah Girls 3" I know you're jealous! Jaide and Andres fell asleep during the movie though. Then after the movie was over Taelyn and I decided it would be funny to sleep behind the couch on the that's what we did. It was actually quite comfortable. On Saturday we all just lounged around and chillaxed. Saturday evening I went over to Lindsay's house and we went and saw "House Bunny" which was a funny movies at times....but I wouldn't reccommend it to anybody. Sunday I went to church and then went over and saw Rebecca (my YW Leader in LaVerkin) it was fun seeing her again! She is seriously so amazing! Seven kids, all under 17yrs and going to school?! She has a beautiful family and I love and admire her so much. Today I went into Saint George and applied at a bunch of different stores- even though I don't really NEED a job at the moment, but I wan't one. I also went over to the Institute building and signed up for an audition time for the "Inspiration Choir" for next Wednesday. Wish me luck!
What can I say? It's good to be's good to be just feels sooo-o good!!! I know I'm in the right place right now and I feel so blessed, and so lucky to be here.

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