Monday, August 11, 2008

Call me what you want.

Well I have some time right now so I thought I'd write down my thoughts.  No they're not much..and you can call me a molly mormon or what have you.  To me that is a compliment, because it means that I am standing for what I know I should be standing for.  
     I have been reading a lot of church books lately, and beginning to see some things more clearly.  Each day I learn and grow and understand more of what I need to know to be happy in this life.  This life is a test...its one big test I am going to pass.  Anyways, I was standing outside as the wind was blowing gently by.  I was looking at the trees and the clouds, and the beautiful sea.  My favorite things are watching the sun rise in the mornings and setting at night.  I love to sit out under the stars and just look up at them.  I love being outdoors and being near and close to nature.  Then it all hit me.  This whole world was created by our Father....everything!  Each tiny flower you see, the mountains, ocean, stars, etc.  Everything beautiful and wonderful is all here because of him.  He is a part of the wind...the stars...the sunrises and sunsets.  That's why I feel so at peace when I am looking at all these beautiful things.  It's a sense of home wherever I may be in the world.  I think even though we know He created all things that are good, we tend to not pay attention to it.  Then we begin to take advantage of the little wonders of each day.  They become just another thing that is there.  When we take a step back and realize that it's there for us...from a loving Father....we begin to appreciate them more.  Those little breezes remind us of Him always with us.  The stars in the sky remind us of the light we each have within us.  He is everywhere...always with us.  
     When we stop and realize this was all his plan...we realize his gospel is everywhere if we choose to seek it out...we'll find it.  We'll always have his spirit with us.  It's funny how just a simple breeze can make me realize all of this.  I love this gospel so much and plan to endure this test on earth with him always with me.  So I can live a life full of happiness and joy, and someday live a life with the fullness of joy and happiness.  He will bless you and keep you safe if you choose his way.  It's very simple truth.  =)

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  1. Hey, thanks for the uplift. I needed it! By the way, I love this comment on your blog. Have you ever thought about becoming a writer/journalist?