Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life Brings you...

Happiness and good times depending on how you live it.  Of course you'll be faced with hard times that may last a long time, and you may feel you'll never be happy again.  Like the world is going to end, and you just can't make it through.  Don't ever give up hope!!  The key to getting through your difficult times is staying close to the Lord and your family.  Those are the people who love you most and will NEVER leave you to be alone.  They love you, even if sometimes you feel no one is there.  Stay prayerful and keep the faith.  The Lord and your Savior are the only two people who can make you feel the powerful peace so many people long for.  The Lord doesn't put you through hard times, because he WANTS you to be unhappy.  He sends trials your way to make you stronger.  It is your duty to show to him you will choose to endure through it, and you'll come out on top.  I just wanted to say that I love my family sooo-o much, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the most amazing family ever.  I love this Gospel and it really is such a blessing to have been born into it.

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  1. Hello! I'm glad you sent your blog address to me. I'm just lucky I found it because it went to my spam folder for some reason. Let me know if you want our blog address. I linked yours to my site so I can check up on you once in a while. I'm glad all is well, and am a little jealous you are having such amazing experiences!