Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pure Simplicity

You know I feel like I'm serving a mission in a way right now.  Every blog I write it's mainly something I've learned, and then I share it with you.  It's amazing how things work in ways you didn't expect them to going into a situation.  
   Today I put Isabella in her bed for nap time.  She didn't like that one little bit.  She screamed and cried for about thirty minutes both her morning and afternoon nap.  However her second nap she seemed to cry for longer than the first nap.  I was sitting in my room reading, "Teachings of the Presidents of the Church (Joseph Smith)"  More specifically in a chapter about personal Prayer.  It was saying how we should pray with simple words, and simple faith.  Speak to our Heavenly Father with respect, but as if he was sitting right there listening to us.  So after listening to Isabella cry and seeing Erika kind of upset she had been crying for so long I went aside and said a simple prayer.  As I listened Isabella was calming down and stopped crying right then.  All it took was simple faith and trust that Heavenly Father was there.  What amazing blessings he has given us!!!
   I wanted to tell you all about something...I made a mistake.  I was telling Erika how my little cousin Dre loves the song, "I like to move it move it" so I downloaded it for Isabella.  She has the movie "Madagascar" which features the music video to this song on it.  Well we introduced her to that and all she wants to do is listen to it over and over again.  Haha It's cute.  Now I know how my mom and dad must have felt when I wanted to listen to "Safety Kids" over and over again. =)  Thanks for being so patient my loving parents.  =)  
  ***I thought of Toby Cordell today as I was putting salt on my dinner...HA.  What?  We can't help it if we want a little salt on our food to make it taste better!!  Lindsay tell your padre I'm going to get him another salt shaker....maybe from Italy for him for Christmas.  No wait, don't tell him..I wan't it to be a surprise!!!  =)  If he was reading this...Dang it...I've been caught!! Haha.
   Well I wan't all of you to know that I love you sooo-o much!!!  I miss your hugs, and I miss seeing all of your smiling faces...but I'm enjoying coming to know more about the Gospel on this "Missionary Trip to myself" journey I'm on.  Please remember...This life is going to have hard times...sometimes he let's it rain...but He's always there guiding us through the storm.  All we have to be is worthy and ready to listen and receive.  
   Love Always,

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