Saturday, June 21, 2008

ooooh the SUN!!

Well my lovely friends and family today I took a boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea!!  Let me not forget to mention I got totally Sea Sick!!  oye vay!  It was kind of the last moment sort of trip so I didn't go to get any motion sickness pills.  It was still a fun experience!  I think my legs are finally getting tan!! =)  OH OH OH I also rode one of those little Italian Motorcycles, they're called "Vespas"  It was SOOO-O much fun!!!!  
  I don't think I told you guys...last sunday I went to church in Italy for the first time!  It was a lot of fun.  The whole service was in Italian so one of the sister missionaries translated for me.  She was really nice.  She has been out for 7 months now.  I also met a really cute elder missionary too!!  But don't worry!!  I'm not going to do anything about that because he is out on the field and his heart was told to be locked!!  Plus, my heart is already taken by a missionary who comes home in a year!!!! haha...yeah ok there I said the whole world knows!! haha.  To me this missionary...not the missionary here in Italy...but the other one.  He is one of the best!!  I can see it.  Anyways, let me not go on about him forever!
  Things are going pretty good here.  Joe and Trudy got here on Friday and it's been so fun having them here.  They are really nice and fun to be around.
  So here is my lesson I learned this week about myself.  I am really quick to forgive and I am thankful I have that blessing.  Something happened between me and somebody a couple days ago where we had a misunderstanding about something pretty big.  My first reaction was to be upset and sad that this person had handled the situation the way they did, because it wasn't fair to me.  However, I thought it through and thought to myself how I really should react.  Instead of basing my reaction on what somebody else had told me should be my reaction.  I based my reaction to the reaction that Christ would have showed.  I then just let it go and didn't even worry about it.  When we learn to just let things go no matter how big the "misunderstandment" may be...then that is when we truly know we are learning to truly become more like our Savior.  That is when that feeling of "peace and happiness" comes.  So learn to forgive and will benefit you and your way of living your life.
   Miss you all and love you much!!

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