Monday, June 16, 2008

Life flashed before my eyes

So we left Africa and flew ourselves on over to Italy on Matteo's Fathers' Private Plane.  It was going smooth flying until we had to stop and pick up the King.  As we were about to make our stop the sky started turning brown and underneath us we saw rolling clouds of sand.  It was a HUGE sandstorm!!!  The Pilot tried landing it and the plane shook and turned and I was sure we were going down.  I got really sick to my stomach...let's just leave it at that...  I was soo-o relieved that he shot up higher into the sky and got us out of the mess.  I was sooo-o homesick.  I am just starting to recover from the whole thing.  Wow!  Anyways, we're here in Italy now and I'm glad we're safely on the ground!
Joe and Trudy are coming out from Phoenix on Friday!  I'm excited to see them!  They're really nice people I like being around them!
Yesterday we went down by the sea and went to this huge outdoor market type thing and let Isabella run around.  It was really fun!
Sorry this is a short one but I'm going to get going to bed!!  I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!  Sorry there wasn't more of Africa.  All my pictures are on a laptop that doesn't work anymore!  So all my pictures are lost!  You'll have to wait until November to see more.  =)  Love ya all and miss ya lots!

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