Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anchor of it All.

   Well there you have it.  An updated picture of Isabella and me.  =)  Life here in Africa is going pretty amazing.   There was a huge storm last night though!!!  It was oh so crazy!!  Let me tell you about it really quick shall I?  So when it RAINS!!  LIKE WERE TALKING BUCKETS AND BUCKETS OF RAIN.  Like the kind of rain you see in the movies such as "The Notebook."  On top of that the lightning looked as if it were going to break through the glass windows.  On top of THAT the thunder seemed as if it were going to shake the house at any given moment. Haha.  It was actually kind of cool!!  So far I haven't gotten out to do a lot of things.  I guess it's kind of pointless to start a project right now, seeing we're leaving in about two weeks to go back to Italy.  So when we come back to Africa I'll start a project of some sort.  I have learned a lot of new things though.  Not only about the world...and Politics (haha) but about myself. 
   I've gained a lot more knowledge and trust in this Gospel that I live.  It's like I'm off serving a mission to myself!!  I know the Lord has a purpose for each and every one of his children, and he is always with us.  He wants us to come to him, not only in our hard times, but our good ones too.  He wants to communicate with us just as our earthly fathers do.  They want to know how were doing.  Even though Heavenly Father knows how we are doing, he wants to hear us tell him.  I'm reading a really good book right now called, "Teachings of Presidents of the Church (Joseph Smith)"  It's such an amazing book.  I'm gaining such a strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Live your life for it, and others will see it in your eyes.  They'll see there is something different about you, and they love you for that.  Don't be afraid to stand out when others are blending in with the world.  Truth be told when it's all said and done...they'll wish they had stood out instead of blending in.  Let's be examples and hope they choose to stand out with us!!  =)
   Erika and Matteo are two of the most coolest people ever!!  I love them bunches!!!  First of all..Matteo is so funny, and sometimes very me.  We get in trouble with Erika sometimes because we tease Isabella.  =P  He's a fun guy.  Erika, is a sweetheart that's all I got to say!!  
   So life is basically pretty sweet at the moment.  Nothing to complain about.  I've got good health, and living my life so it's all good!!!  I love my family soo0-0 much and miss them like crazy!! Thank goodness for emails!!!  =)

Ciao Bella.

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  1. Haili!!
    She is so cute.. I'm glad to know that you're having a good time!